Rabu, 20 Julai 2011

Interview with Successful People

I had this idea of doing interview with successful people. It's healthy for my networking, in the same time i will learn a lot, and tremendously. This is cool idea. I already have my own mic recorder to begin with.

So, what is stopping me? Or rather, why haven't I am starting yet? I am thinking of whether I just can start online interview, rather than face-to-face interview? But of course, it would not be the same. And I'm thinking face-to-face interview will be more warm, fulfilling, and bonding. Satisfactory. How well. And it's more effective learning experience too.

This is the imitation of John Maxwell, a leadership guru. When he was younger, he would ask a successful people to have a lunch with him, and he'll pay $100. Of course most people he invited accept the lunch, but prefer not to take the money. How sweet.

I might copy of his step. Rather than use script, I might be casual and spontaneous. Probably one hour. I just ask what I really want to know and curious about. And later, I will upload an audio, and transcribe it into blog post. And they would share the post in their own social media and blog too. Wow. Win-win-win situation. I learning and networking in the same time, Yeah!!

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